Shine Supply Hyper-Soft microfiber towel - 16X16


It matters what towels touch your paint.

Our hyper-soft microfiber towels will pamper your paint and give you flawless results month after month. 


Target use:

  • final polish removal on soft paint
  • Works amazing with our Ride Shine and Throttle detail spray
  • Excellent for use with our Eco Shine waterless wash
  • Excellent for removing any of our waxes or sealants. 



  • stays soft for months even with regular use
  • will not leave towel marring on soft paint
  • 100% Korean made towel
  • 500 gsm
  • 75/25 blend


Pro Tip:

  • To keep your towels in prime condition always wash with our Micro-Clean detergent.
  • Wash with warm water and dry on the lowest setting using no heat.


Microfiber towel blend facts:

The blend of microfiber refers to the ratio of polyester to polyamide. Both are man-made fibers. Polyester is noted as the stronger fiber and, because of its incredible durability, there is always a higher percentage of polyester found in microfiber. Towels made with an 80/20 blend are most often multi-purpose towels because they hold up well to a wide variety of tasks. 

Polyamide is a derivative of nylon. Polyamide gives the microfiber a softer, silkier texture. Towels made of 70/30 microfiber are often designated as paint specific towels because of their fluffy softness.

  • Weight = thickness

  • Weight does not affect the quality of the microfiber

  • Blend refers to the ratio (in percentages) of polyester to polyamide