Detailing Essentials


Shine Supply Bucket Stickers

Whether you are out mobile detailing, at your shop or your driveway on the weekend, these cool stickers will get your 5 gallon buckets looking top notch! #staypassionate

Shine Bottle w/ Sprayer

32oz. Shine Supply screen printed bottle with chemical resistant sprayer. Dilution ratio tabs and ounce measurement tabs displayed on the bottle for accurate product mixing. These bottles have a thick sidewall and are extremely durable.

Shine Bottle w/ Self-Cleaning Tip

These are not the typical ketchup type bottle. These bottles have a self cleaning spout - no more little red cap to lose, no more product clogging up the tip; pull to open, push to close and self clean. 12oz. capacity.

Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle w/ Sprayer

"Glass Cleaner" Spray Bottle w/ Sprayer

Foam Gun with free 16oz. Shine Soap

32 ounce Foam Gun, Removes dirt from the smallest cracks and cornersReduces swirls and scratchesWorks with any pressure washer


You've worked hard, now get cleaned up. Those wheels you just cleaned were covered in brake dust and dirt, huh?Now your hands and arms are covered in black and brown spots. And you sure don’t want to continue the detail, let alone clean the interior of a car with those dirty arms! So what do you...

Detail Guardz 4-pack

The fix for tire jammed cords and hoses!   The Detail Guardz Tire Jam Eliminator 4 Pack allows for easy use of your power tools or garden hoses, without the risk of tire jamming! When washing with a hose, using a polisher, sucking up contamination with a vacuum, the one thing in common is you are...

Grit Guard (colors may vary)

Don't let that dirt swim around.   The Professional Grit Guard is your vehicle’s first line of defense against unsightly, wash-induced swirls. Where does all that dirt that you wash off of your car go? Onto your wash mitt and back into your bucket to be redeposited on your car’s paint job causing...

Black Micro Fiber Trim & Tire Applicator

Use to apply our Decked Out tire dressing  Works great for applying Trim Shine or Trim Shield excellent for applying our Trim Paint black or grey

Blue Micro Fiber Applicator

Soft micro fiber applicator works awesome for applying polish, wax, sealants or coatings. PRO TIP:  Use with All In One "microfiber edition" to effectively remove finger nail scratches from underneath door handles.

Soft Foam Applicator Pad

Ultra-soft foam for smooth application of gels, dressings and protectants. Evenly and safely applies wax or polish Pad is washable and reusable Foam

Even Coat Microfiber Applicator Pad - 2 pack

Thick microfiber pad evenly distributes pressure for consistent application.   The ultimate applicator for swirl-free, show car perfect finishes. Use on paint for the ideal pad for ultra fine polishing and waxing. The specialized microfiber material of Meguiar’s Even-Coat Applicator pad produc...