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Don't just wash your towels. Get them clean.

Extend the life of your costly micro fiber towels by cleaning them with Micro Clean. This unique formula breaks down dirty grime, polish and wax from your towels leaving them fresh and plush after each wash. Designed with specialty cleaners specifically for cleaning micro fiber fabric. You will notice a difference after the first wash.

Don't give your towels a chance to be ruined by using ordinary liquid detergents - use Micro Clean.

TIP: Always dry your towels on the lowest setting possible.


This product is also available in quarts.



Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Velasco
Great Microfiber Wash Soap

Great product to keep your towels working their best.

Abdullahi Ali
Impressive products all around

Really impressive product at a great value. I’m really considering just going full shine supply detail line. Every product I try from this company never disappoints from polish’s to clutch silica spray. Big thumbs up

The best

This is the best MF cleaner I have ever used. You can actually use your MF products of all types, and it truly cleaned the MF products purely on its own and without any additives/detergents. What a deal. Wow.

Good stuff

This cleaner works extremely well and keeps the microfiber towels etc looking new and soft. Price wise it is very competitive too. Essential to keeping your microfiber in good shape.

Michael Daboll
Most underrated product ever

I didn't think this would be any different than any other detergent but it does. Cleaning power is outstanding--plus I only use 2oz per load. Doesn't smell great but it gets the towels clean and won't leave a residue. Most people would overlook this product but try it once and you will be hooked forever.

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