Authorized Dealers

National Dealers


If you are looking to grab some Shine Supply products in your local area please contact us to see if we have a dealer near you! Send us an email: 


Shine Supply Hawaii

Car Clean Hawaii - FC Rillion

phone: 808-981-5060



Shine Supply UK & Europe

Mike Sivyer

Shine Supply UK Ltd

phone:+(44) 7866 334458 /



Shine Supply Australia

Pro Detail Store - Antonio Massari
phone: +61 3 9681 8889
6/177 Salmon Street
Port Melbourne, Victoria



The purpose of Shine Supply dealers is to provide products and education to their local clientele. Dealers do not ship any products and are for local sales only. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We take pride in giving you the best experience possible.



Disclaimer: Shine Supply dealers are not employed by Stevens Detailing, Inc dba Shine Supply and are not compensated in any fashion. All Shine Supply dealers act completely independently of Stevens Detailing, Inc. and Shine Supply.