Ride Shine - 16oz. w/ Black Sprayer

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Embrace the Journey.

13 years ago Shine Supply attended their first car show as a vendor and featured our only 2 products, Ride Shine and Banana Shine. 

This Throwback Edition of Ride Shine reflects the old school look which always reminds us of the hard work and determination that it takes to build something.

Rather the “old school”, I believe it’s the only school.

A deep passion has fueled these principles. Through the ups and downs in this journey we've continued to show up no matter the circumstances.

We are so grateful for the amount of support that we have received the past 13 years of business from you all. And all the support of our detail company Stevens Detailing that started in ‘96. That was the foundation for the success of Shine Supply.

We are honored to celebrate the first Shine Supply product with this Throwback Edition Ride Shine.

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