Brushes & Scrubbers


Multi-purpose Brush

Our favorite brush at Stevens Detailing. Use to safely scrub dirt and grime from door panels, seats, carpets and much more!

Microfiber Madness: Incrediflair

Ultra-Thick Wheel Mitt The newest product from our friends at Microfiber Madness, premium microfiber manufacturers imported from Germany.  The "Incrediflair" is true to it's name, a premium microfiber wash mitt designed specifically for wheels.  This plush mitt consists of a thick pile of microfi...

Leather Cleaning Brush

Our Leather Cleaning Brush is the definition of quality. Clean your leather and other interior surfaces with ease while still being incredibly safe and effective. This will be the last leather brush you ever buy.

Bug Sponge

The Mesh Sponge is a heavy-duty sponge that cleans stubborn bugs from vehicle front ends and also works as a great scrubber sponge for heavily soiled interior surfaces.

Dual Purpose Brush

You gotta have this brush. The Dual-Purpose Detail Brush has white nylon bristles set at each end of handle. Dual brush heads allow for cleaning in small areas. Great for fine detailing work. 7" Long. 1/2" & 1/4" Bristle Lengths.

Ergo Wave Foam Scrubber

This shape-shifting pad reaches everywhere. Our exclusive Ergo Wave Foam Scrubber's unique design features angled, wavy surfaces and three finger holes that ensure the pad conforms to the contours of whatever surface you're scrubbing so you can reach the tough stuff with ease. This versatile, erg...

Pad Cleaning Brush

Cleaning your Pads on the fly is a breeze with our pad cleaning brush. The brush is designed with a slightly contoured surface for easy surface cleaning. Heavy-duty cast provides durability in the shop and is the perfect length to keep your hand and fingers in a secure position. Works for cleanin...

Pet Hair Brush

Pet Hair Brush effectively rakes up the pet hair from the carpet and makes it very easy to vacuum up.

Scrub Brush

Blue stiff bristle scrub brush works excellent for cleaning carpets and floor mats.

Soft Bristle Wheel Brush

The soft bristles make this brush great for cleaning most wheels. For more delicate wheels we recommend purchasing the Microfiber Madness Incrediflair.

Soft Bristle Green Brush

Soft Bristle Green Brush works excellent to safely clean wheels, front grills and much more.

Steel Wool

0000 Steel Wool effectively cleans bonded contaminants from glass and chrome.