Hotshot Soap - 16 oz.

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This unique, crazy foaming, high cleansing formula is tough on dirt and grime but still delicate enough to not strip off your wax or sealant. This highly concentrated  soap produces loads of cherry scented suds in your wash bucket in the matter of seconds or creates shaving cream like foam when paired with a Shine Supply Foam Gun. 


  • Produces thick shaving cream style suds
  • pH neutral
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Does not remove existing protection
  • Works best when paired with a foam gun or in a wash bucket
  • Not intended for ceramic coated vehicles, instead use Shift Soap
  • Always follow Shine Supply Proper Wash Methods for best results!

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Markey
Good basic soap

I don't use a traditional two bucket wash or foam cannon, so I typically use my soaps as part of a pre-spray mixture and in my wheel bucket. Just a half ounce of this per gallon in an IK Foamer helps give my pre-spray APC a little extra foaming power (aka dwell time) and a little extra lubricity to break down dirt and grime. It provides the same effect in my wheel bucket to good effect. Overall, I'm pleased with the performance of the soap, as it provides a good clean and boosts my pre-spray.

My only nitpick, resulting in the loss of a star, is the cherry scent is more along the lines of a cherry cough syrup than a pleasant fruity fragrance.


Good soap


Great soap



Juan Diaz
On par if not better than adams car shampoo.

This shampoo in opinion stomps on adams car shampoo. I’ve seen DETAILER’s like pan the organizer praise adams car shampoo but what people don’t tell you us that this hot shot soap is legit cheaper and does more for the the quality it provides. I can’t believe this soap isn’t exposed more often. It’s basically like adams car shampoo but it doesn’t leave a residue that stays on the paint hence the friendly use in direct sunlight. Just make sure you use DI water and not regular tap water to avoid water spots. If you want a soap that has no fillers or additives then this is the soap for you!! It cleans really nicely while producing a THICK foam like shaving cream. Thank you shine supply for looking out for us people who are on a budget with detailing products without breaking the bank on junk. Thank you!!

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