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Polish with a kick.

If you are looking for the perfect polish that eliminates the need to buy 3 or 4 different polishes to keep in your detail supply arsenal then Classic Polish is your new polish. This unique, diminishing abrasive formula has an excellent light correcting ability and then finishes down leaving a crystal clear, glossy finish - in one step. 


  • Long cycle time makes it extremely versatile
  • Excellent light/moderate correction with microfiber finishing pads 
  • Works best with HDO orange foam pads for final polishing
  • Non filling, silicone free formula
  • Body shop safe


Steps for finishing out soft black paint:

2-3 initial dots of Classic Polish with a initial spritz of Shine Mist for pad prime. Medium down pressure on initial pass and then lighten pressure. Brush out pad. Drop tool speed. Dab remaining Classic Polish on pad over the same are (don’t add more product). Recycle area with no down pressure and faster arm speed. Check area. If it’s not perfect, repeat that step again with even faster arm speed. This is a home run every time for me on ANY soft black paint.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Detail Bros
Amazing Polish

I use this with classic cut for one steps/ paint enhancements the cycle time and how much you actually need to use is amazing. This little bottle goes a long way! Definitely would recommend!

Howard humphries
Awesome Product

I’ve been ordering products from Jeremy for several years, and have finished down at least 15-25 vehicles with classic polish. I absolutely love this stuff. The long working time is no joke, At 4-5 passes you’re not even getting close to this stuff running out of lubrication, but you won’t need to do that many passes as it finishes down nice and quick. Do yourself a favor and add this to your arsenal, you definitely won’t regret it.

David Sanchez
Love this polish

This is my go to polish. From cars to boats it works awesome.

Jordan W
Get ready for the crispness!

EXTREMELY good polish for many situations.

I mainly use this as a finishing polish to follow up a heavier cutting step and refine the paint in preparation for Daddy-O or a ceramic coating; However, I am starting to see how versatile it is.

Depending on the paint, it can be a KILLER one step on a wool pad, microfiber cutting pad, foam cutting pad, or a foam polishing pad. Add a drop to Flat Top for a bit longer work cycle, a drop to Chop Top to tone down the dusting (even though it isn’t very bad to begin with), or to Classic Cut for a slightly longer cycle and a better finish.

It is a touch on the oily side, which normally I would HATE - but I have learned to really enjoy it here for the cycling benefits and versatility it allows, plus a little bit truly goes a LONG way. I use 3-4 dots to prime a fresh pad, and only 1-2 per reload and that’s well plenty. It is also very easy to wipe off, unlike most other “oilier” products, which is a HUGE deal for me.

Time and time again, after multiple panels wipedowns, the finish remains true. Zero fillers and a truly crisp finish. Love it. Buy the 32oz!!

Deep Shine

After using Classic Cut I applied the Classic Polish and the paint came alive. On a black car it gave the paint amazing depth and clarity. This is an A+ product!

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