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Accelerate the performance of your ceramic coating.

This exclusive wax-free, the anti-static formula will help keep your vehicle clean while promoting the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating. Throttle contains premium raw materials that deliver a crisp, slick surface. Use after every wash for maximum results. Works excellent on matte paint jobs - leaves the finish looking untouched with factory sheen. 

Q - How is Throttle different from Ride Shine detail spray?

A - Ride Shine contains true carnauba wax. Even though wax won't harm your coating, you don't want to use detail sprays containing wax because they can cause the surface to attract dust which alters the self-cleaning effects of the coating.

- What makes Throttle unique for ceramic coatings?

A - You don't want a product with polymers, gloss enhancers, or anything that will leave a film on top of the coating. This takes away from the performance of the coating. We found a premium raw material containing a light emulsifier and hydrophobic promoters. Once it comes in contact with any hard surface and is wiped - it immediately flashes and sets up, leaving a crisp finish. This makes it the perfect match for wiping down a ceramic-coated surface.


Customer Reviews

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Jay Pottle
Must Have!

This detail spray is great! This works as an amazing last step when I do a rinseless wash on my vehicle. I also own a detail shop and give a small bottle away with each coating job i do! This does not attract any dust like other detail sprays!

Amazing results!!!

Had heard of this product, but was hesitant to try. During a sale I finally took the plunge. My car has Gyeon Mohs, so was looking for something with no gloss enhancers. After my wash used it while the car was wet. The results were amazing. Tried it with the car dry and that was the winning ticket. This product exceeded my expectations. Shine supply customer service exceeded my expectations. Will be buying more products for sure.

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