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Accelerate the performance of your ceramic coating.

This exclusive wax-free, anti-static formula will help keep your vehicle clean while promoting the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating. Throttle contains premium raw materials that deliver a crisp, slick surface. Use after every wash for maximum results. Works excellent on matte paint jobs - leaves the finish looking untouched with factory sheen.

Q - How is Throttle different from Ride Shine detail spray?

A - Ride Shine contains true carnauba wax. Even though wax won't harm your coating, you don't want to use detail sprays containing wax because they can cause the surface to attract dust which alters the self-cleaning effects of the coating.

- What makes Throttle unique for ceramic coatings?

A - You don't want a product with polymers, gloss enhancers, or anything that will leave a film on top of the coating. This takes away from the performance of the coating. We found a premium raw material containing a light emulsifier and hydrophobic promoters. Once it comes in contact with any hard surface and is wiped - it immediately flashes and sets up, leaving a crisp finish. This makes it the perfect match for wiping down a ceramic-coated surface.  


Customer Reviews

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Bill Casson and Lynda Sessions
Throttle Detail Spray

Being 81 years old washing can be a pain (literally). Corvette is Ceramic Coated. I go to a touchless carwash that includes foam and air drying. I then further dry Vette with a battery powerred leaf blower (have 2 batteries just in case need). Then travel about 3 miles to home to apply Throttle Detail Spray for a little extra shine. This stuff is GREAT. At my age anything I can do to simplify washing with good results is fantastic. I do, however, use a chair when use Throttle on the wheels to eliminate the back ache.
The Ceramic Coating plus Throttle Detail Spray provide fantastic results............IT IS SO EASY !!!

This stuff works. it's a gamechanger for me.

I live on a busy street with a carport. My car collects a lot of dust as a result. I asked my detail shop between this and dream maker, which is also suppose to have anti staic properties. But he recommended throttle and I am not disappointed.

Car was noticeably less dusty than it usually is. I didn't apply it to my glass though. My glass is noticeably more dusty than the paint.

Application is easy, wipe on wipe off. Doesn't require much to buff off.

Also, I do think the color pops more. It does seem to enhance gloss a bit.

This will be a mainstay in my detailing process going forward.

Adds excellent pop after a wash

I used Throttle after using Spiked Punch waterless wash and wow, it makes the paint pop and look really crisp. I love this stuff and will be ordering a gallon when I get low.

Mike Redeker

Throttle is a must have if you have a coated vehicle or work with Si02 products of any kind. It does exactly what the description says it flashes and leaves the finish very crisp. I've got black GMC Sierra and sometimes Sio2 products can leave somewhat of an oily residue behind and it can be very frustrating. So instead of fighting that I just use a quick spritz of Throttle and it cleans everything up and leaves the finish perfect! I use it on windows, door jams and keep some in my truck for bird bombs or to clean up water spots that may come from door handles and mirrors.

Jordan Wells

This stuff is absolutely amazing. I had some issues with the previous formulation - if the panel was hot/warm, it would make it difficult for me to buff it off without streaking, and rendered it nearly useless in the sun (North Georgia, very hot).

This new formula is a thing of beauty. I literally used this in direct sunlight (99° outside, 150°+ panel temps) and not a single streak. Used with a quality plush microfiber towel, it makes final wipe down safe and easy - without the worry of streaking, no matter the weather.

Buy the gallon - immediately. (I find myself saying that for every SS product I try lol!) Thank you Jeremy for always pushing for better products and constantly raising the bar. Ruins me from using anything else.

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