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KxK R.I.D. Stix

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R.I.D. = Random Isolated Defects

Developed by some very talented detailers in the industry; Jason Killmer, Andy Ward and Eron Knox.

R.I.D.STIX are unique sanding blocks desined to improve  and/or remove random isolated deeper scratches that cannot be achieved by simply compounding and polishing alone.

When used with sand paper, R.I.D.STIX ergonomic, patent-pending design, maximizes the contact between the sanding block and a vehicle panel to obtain a more consistent, even sanding mark that can be polished out quickly and easily.


Recommended use with:

  • 2000 or 3000 grit sand paper

Video coming soon!


  • (2 Pieces) White Foam Hard Blocks
  • (2 Pieces) Black Foam Soft Blocks



  • Length: 2"
  • Width: 1/2"
  • Depth: 3/4"
KxK R.I.D. Stix
KxK R.I.D. Stix Sale price$20.00