FLAT OUT Wash Pad 4-Pack

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The FLAT OUT wash pad 4 pack delivers fast results while providing the safest methods against putting swirls in your paint. Made with 700 GSM high quality microfiber material that won’t hold onto debris. The FLAT OUT wash pad quickly lifts dirt from the surface and immediately rinses out in your clean water bucket. 

Why did we make a 4 pack?

Swirls happen from debris loading up on the surface of your wash mitt and you continue washing thinking the suds are helping prevent swirls. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Clean wash pads are what protect the paint from swirls, not suds. We decided to make a 4 pack of wash pads as a solution. This allows you to wash ¼ of the vehicle, grab a clean pad and continue washing. Pair this new 4 pad wash system with your 2 bucket wash method for best results. 


  • Made with thick 700 GSM ultra-plush microfiber material
  • 8" x 9" surface
  • Thin pad allows for flexible washing around in all areas
  • Dual colored pad lets you easily identify a clean side  
  • 4 pads provide a quick wash while controlling contaminants that load up in the pads surface


  • ALWAYS pair with the BLOCK PARTY Wash Block for the best results.
  • Use the FLAT OUT wash pads for the middle & upper sections of the vehicle and use the BLOCK PARTY wash block for the bottom section of the vehicle. This keeps all the heavy debris from the lower sections from coming in contact with the rest of the vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Awesome company.

Samuel P
Perfect for mobile detail!!!!

I have tried tons of wash sponges and mitts and these are superior to all of them. These save a lot of time for mobile detail!

Brandon M
The only wash mitts you’ll need..

I was stoked when these got released and got my hands on em, totally crazy soft specially when soaked in soap. Love the double sited design and it’s just a deal for 4 and to reduce the scratching! Love pairing these with one of my microfiber madness mitt and since it’s old wash mitt I I use it on my love part of the vehicle but this mitts are incredibly easy to clean and release grime. Just get these you won’t need any other mitt out there. Thanks Jeremy for the awesome products!


I’ve used 10 different wash mitts over the years and these are by far the BEST!!! Super easy use and take care of. After I wash my car, I throw them into my washing machine on the gentle cycle using shine supply micro-clean detergent. They come out like new every time! I just let them air dry. Highly recommend!

2 words.. Game Changer!

I’ve used... I can’t even count how many different types of wash mitts. These are by far the best! Ridiculously smooth and I did notice it saving me time on washing my Duramax. Get the block party along with this 4-pack! Worth every penny and then some

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