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Get Your Paint Smooth Again

Although you cannot see contaminates that have bonded to your paint, you can still feel them. If your paint feels very rough, that means that it needs a clay bar treatment to grab those contaminants that have bonded to your paint, and this kit have everything you need to do so!

Kit includes: 

What clay bar do I get? 

If your vehicle is newer and has not been subjected to heavy contamination, then you will want white, if your vehicle is older ad the paint feels very rough purple will be what you want. Purple is a harder more aggressive grade clay while white is a softer fine grade clay.  

How to use:

  1. Make sure your vehicle has been washed and dried.
  2. Spray Shine Mist directly onto the panel you are working on the lubricate the surface.
  3. Glide the clay bar over the paint using straight arm passes with no down pressure.
  4. After claying the panel, wipe off Shine Mist using the Blue Edgeless Towel.
  5. Use your hand and feel the panel you clayed to ensure you removed the bonded contaminates. 
  6. Move onto the next panel. 

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