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Your wheels and suspension take the most abuse...Protect them.

How does it work?

BEADLOCK creates a hard sacrificial barrier on your wheels and suspension which shields the abuse coming from brake dust, dirt and UV rays.

BEADLOCK contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass strength and hardness, but unlike glass we have blended in a proprietary formulation of elastic polymers, which allow the microscopic surface to flex. With this blended SiO2 chemistry BEADLOCK provides a far more durable and hydrophobic layer than any wax or sealant because it cures as a hardened layer of protection while maintaining the ability to absorb impacts and flex with the surface it's applied to. 

This easy-to-apply coating is specifically designed to protect your wheels and suspension components from the unique conditions they see both on and off-road. Whether you simply cruise the pavement or get down in the dirt BEADLOCK coating can take the abuse. Safe for all finishes including raw metals, chrome, powder coat, anodized and painted surfaces. 

The big question...How long does it last? 

BEADLOCK should easily last a year with proper maintenance. Most wheel coatings make exaggerated claims they last for years and they fall short. We've seen this happen with ones tested at our shop. We'd rather give you a conservative durability time frame and educate you on how to properly maintain the wheels after applying so you get the most out of the products potential. Now, if you neglect your wheels after applying by cleaning them with cheap wheel cleaners or degreasers - you're gonna shorten the life span of the coating. If you clean them properly with Shift Soap, Cool Guy wheel cleaner (only when needed) and keep them boosted with Punch-It synergy spray - you will benefit from the maximum life span of the coating. Lastly, the longevity of BEADLOCK depends on the environmental conditions the wheels are exposed to. If your wheels go through a harsh winter with snow and salted roads, you should re-apply BEADLOCK once spring rolls around. If you experience normal driving conditions like occasional rain and hard pavement, you're only dealing with road grime and brake dust - make it something you re-apply annually. 

Can you apply BEADLOCK to polished aluminum American Force style wheels or Alcoa wheels?

Absolutely! BEADLOCK works excellently when applied to these types of wheels. Zero issues with hazing, adds clarity and shine to the wheels along with reducing the frequency of needing to polish the wheels with a metal polish.

Note: Polished aluminum is porous which is very different than your typical wheel surface. This shortens the durability of BEADLOCK. We suggest you apply BEADLOCK to your polished aluminum wheels twice per year. Polish the aluminum wheels with our Cloud9 metal polish, wipe down with Throw Back and then re-apply BEADLOCK. Also, do not use Punch-It or Clutch silica spray on your polished aluminum wheels or it could cause hazing. Do not use any wheel cleaners. Use our Eco Shine water-less wash for maintenance wipe downs and for soap and water washing of polished aluminum wheels - use our Shine Soap.

Method wheel coated with BEADLOCK

Radius Arm coated with BEADLOCK

Radius Arm coated


Clean the surface thoroughly with Throw Back paint cleanser. Shake BEADLOCK well. Spray directly on the surface you want to protect OR you can spray directly onto the applicator pad. Spread product using the coating applicator pad. Product will begin to "rainbow" within seconds. Give it 45-60 seconds to set up and remove using a clean microfiber towel. Use an additional towel or flip the included towel inside out to ensure product is even on the surface. 


  • To avoid any chance of overspray on your rotors OR unwanted areas cover with a towel to prevent product from making contact. 
  • The 80 ml bottle will coat approximately 3-4 sets of wheels depending on wheel size.


After BEADLOCK has been applied to the surface there's really no need to use our Cool Guy wheel cleaner unless you have neglected the wheel for a few weeks and the brake dust has built up. Make up a bucket of our SHIFT soap and water to clean the coated surfaces. Always use a soft wash mitt to ensure safe cleaning. 

After each cleaning, apply PUNCH-IT synergy spray to maintain the layer of BEADLOCK. This keeps the coated surface slick and hydrophobic.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Montalto
Put your wheels ON LOCK.

Beadlock wheel & suspension coating is unlike anything else in its category. The ease of installation combined with bonkers water rejection makes Beadlock an incredible product and experience. I applied it to an F250 with Specialty Forged wheels and Kelderman suspension and it still holds up even though it is daily driven and has seen lots of abuse.

Dylan Galman
Amazing product

Shine Supply's first ceramic coating? Absolute gold mine! To start off, the packaging was done very well, the kit includes everything, just make sure you have a couple "taddy towels" or as some towel to wipe your wheels with the Throwback Paint Cleanser. I coated my machined Method Double Standards, and the beading is crazy! I gave my Cool Guy wheel cleaner to my friend. I don't even need it haha! It was so easy to apply, less than an hour for my to coat all 5 of my wheels (4 plus my spare) and I coated faces and barrels and used maybe 25% of the beadlock, which means I can coat multiple sets of wheels. I've had the coating on for about 2 weeks, and maintenance is so easy and rewarding. The wheels look just as clean as when I got them and applied the coating. I also like how the kit includes 2 sprayers, because the first time I learned the hard way by leaving the sprayer out, and the coating crystalized in the sprayer. Jeremy had my back though, because he throws in 1 extra! Make sure you rinse your sprayer and remove the coating from your sprayer. Lastly, I love how he includes a tube of Punch-It so you can boost the coating at your discretion. A couple Punch-It sprays and elbow grease, your coating is back to looking and performing great! Totally love the coating, and it's ease of use!

Tony Botterill
What great customer service

This is not a review of the product yet as I do not have any.
But I would like to take the time to Thank Jeremy and his team on great customer service I had expressed my concerns with the new bead lock kit Saturday evening. And by 8:50 am Monday morning I had a call from Alana. After our conversation I was very happy with shine supply answer.
Now I am a very small mobile part time detailer but was treated like I was there biggest customer and they wonted to hear from me.
Hats off Jeremy for this I wish my full time job did half of what you guys did for me.
I look forward to offering the bead lock system in the future.
Thank you

Jonathan; Hilt's Detailing LLC
Watch Out Status Quo

Shine Supply's first Ceramic Coating product is a TOTAL KNOCK OUT. Beadlock is the easiest coating you will EVER install & maintain. It is a phenomenal product with rock solid results.

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