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Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

Sale price$688.00
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Restore headlights the right way. 

Properly restoring headlights with our professional kit is a great add-on service to your detail menu. There are several "quick fix" headlight restoration kits on the market but the results never last. Our kit will provide long term results because it enables you to truly restore the damaged plastic lenses. 

This kit involves correct methods to achieve perfect headlight restorations that will last. The damaged poly-carbonate plastic lenses are never TRULY repaired until you sand down past the defective layer. Starting with 320 grit guarantees  complete removal of the damaged poly-carbonate layer. Other methods might work temporally but by following the steps listed below, you can be confident about achieving maximum results that will last. The key selling factors of this kit are the sanding methods and protecting with Beadlock PRO. The Beadlock provides a hard finish on the lenses that is superior to any wax or sealant. 

Kit includes:

  • Rupes LHR75E dual action polisher (included with corresponding option)
  • 3M 320 grit sand paper -  50 pieces
  • 3M 500 grit sand paper - 50 pieces
  • 3M 800 grit sand paper - 50 pieces
  • 3M 1000 grit sand paper - 15 pieces
  • 3M 3000 grit sand paper - 15 pieces
  • (1) 3" foam interface pad
  • (2) Uro-fiber pads
  • (2) Orange foam pads
  • (1) Flat Top compound - 16oz.
  • (1) Beadlock Pro 30ml bottle with instructions
  • (1) Clutch silica spray 4oz bottle
  • (1) Ceramic coating applicator pad
Before & After using our Headlight Restoration Kit





  • Tape off edges around headlights thoroughly to protect the paint. Always use paint safe tape. We suggest 3M yellow or blue tape.
  • Apply the 3" interface foam pad to the polishers backing plate at then apply your sanding disc (use the interface pad for the entire sanding process).
  • Dry sand headlights with 320, 500 and 800 and 1000 grit sanding discs. Do not use any water. These steps completely remove the damaged poly-carbonate layer. 
  • Wet sand with 3000 grit sanding disc using a spray bottle with pure water.
  • Use Flat Top and Uro-fiber pad to buff out the 3000 grit sanding marks.
  • Use Flat Top and orange foam pad to perfect the lens and produce maximum clarity. 
  • Remove all tape.
  • Thoroughly wipe down lenses and surrounding area with damp microfiber towel to ensure the surface is clean. 
  • Apply thin coat of Beadlock PRO to both lenses, let set up for 60 seconds then remove. 
  • Using a microfiber applicator or towel, apply a very thin 2nd coat of Beadlock PRO. Use a clean towel to wipe off any excess, ensuring an even finish.



  • Performing headlight restorations for profit using these methods you can charge a minimum of $150 per vehicle. 4 jobs pays for the entire kit and tool. 
  • Change your sand paper out when you notice it's losing cutting ability. This will vary depending upon hardness of the lenses. 
  • Use an old tooth brush to keep the sand paper clean during your sanding process along with wiping any debris off the headlight surface to reduce the chance of creating sanding pig tales in the lenses. 
  • Make sure you perform very thorough overlapping passes with your sand paper steps to ensure removal of the previous sanding grit. Double the amount of your passes as you go up in grit. 
  • Headlights should be maintained with our Clutch Silica Spray to keep the lenses loaded with protection. 
Professional Headlight Restoration Kit
Professional Headlight Restoration Kit Sale price$688.00