Shine Supply Drying Towel Medium - 16" x 16" (2 Pack)

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Your new favorite.

The perfect drying towel for your vehicle. Also works well with our Eco Shine Rinse-less Wash Methods. Use the gray twist pile side for the initial wipe, and follow up with the blue plush side to clean up any residual dampness and streaks on your windows. The 16"x16" size is perfect, lending itself to be easily used as an open sheet or folded twice (for 8 distinct sections).

The twist pile design glides softly across paint, glass, and plastic surfaces, while absorbing streak free. This 1100 gsm microfiber drying towel performs particularly well on windows and mirrors, and can still absorb streak free when slightly damp.

  • 16”x16”
  • 1100 gsm
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn

Customer Reviews

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Felix Sanchez
Best drying towel out there!

I was pleasantly surprised that target came in a 2-pack (16x16) I use Throttle detail spray as a drying Aid and it made a killer combo. Extremely happy with Shine Supply


I dry my truck and others vehicle every time I wash with shine supply!

Best Ever

Let’s face it, we have all bought a ton of MF towels.

This is, by far, the best towel I have ever used. The dual side cuts out swapping, saves time, and the product is ultra top shelf. Never thought I’d be blown away by a “towel” but the things this does, quality, and absorbency is just next level. As long as this is for sale, this is is the definitive finishing and whatever else towel you need.

Best drying towel I've ever used.

I didn't believe this towel would dry my car, leave no streaks and give a shiny finish until I used it. Wow, unbelievable towel. Thank you, shine supply staff (Jacob) for recommending this towel. I'm glad I took your advice. Two thumbs up!!

Love this

I love this, I dried then the other side dose some buffing!!! I so love theses products!

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