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This pH balanced formula works perfectly with any of our waxes or sealants. Shine Soap extends the life of your wax or sealant rather than break it down like some cheaper soaps will do. Shine Soap is made with the highest quality raw materials to ensure you are getting the absolute best for your pride and joy!


  • Works excellent on vehicles containing a wax or sealant, making it perfect for maintenance washes.  
  • Low foaming formula allows for a quick and easy rinse, saving you both time and water. 
  • Shine Soap is loaded with water softening agents, drastically reducing water spotting on your paint, chrome and glass. 
  • Best used in a Shine Supply Foam Gun or with the 2 bucket method. 
  • Always follow Shine Supply Proper Wash Methods for best results!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

works real good

Tanya V
Removes Bugs!!

I used this today to wash off all the bugs from my commute to work. It was quick and I feel better to get the bug guts off of my beautiful car!! I will never use any other soap!!!
I am so happy with all the products we purchased and this stuff smells so good.

Grady Daugherty
I’m still hooked

This is the only soap I have ever used and actually seen results of water sheeting and beading off while rinsing the soap. This is the only soap I will ever use for maintenance clean ups. If you’re looking for a soap that cleans very well and adds light protection and boosts the protection that’s on the paint already look no further. I wish I could add pictures because the shine is unreal. Thank you Jeremy and the shine supply team for another great product.

Eileen Bailey-Acker

I received your products as a gift. I have a black car & to complicate keeping my car clean live in a rural area. I’m a total novice at car care. But when the dirt and dust diminish visibility it was time for a wash. I used only the Shine Soap in my wash water. When done I moved my car into the sunlight. I was totally blown away, my car’s paint literally sparkled. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product! I’m off to try this product on our motor home, and who knows maybe our ranch tractor as well!
Again my car is a Black Beauty...
Thank you!

Brad Carver
Excellent maintenance soap

I wash my vehicles every 1-2 weeks and this soap is an excellent maintenance soap. Low foaming and extremely easy to wash off. The smell is great too!

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