Shine Supply 32oz. Bottle w/ Chemical Sprayer

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32oz. Shine Supply screen printed bottle with chemical resistant sprayer. Dilution ratio tabs and ounce measurement tabs displayed on the bottle for accurate product mixing. These bottles have a thick sidewall and are extremely durable.

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Kraig B.
Amazing Bottles

I have never seen a bottle as stout, leak proof and sturdy as this one. It has easy to read measurements and is amazingly high quality, you won’t find a better bottle anywhere. I have used many bottles from many leading detail companies and they are nothing compared to these. Can’t thank you enough shine!

Zach M
Great Purchase

Best bottles on the market. Leak proof and still going strong after almost a year!

Dan Shinskey
Great bottle, amazing Tolco Sprayer!

I filled mine up with some Wise Guy yesterday! Great HDPE bottle, dilution ratios are fantastic for mixing up a batch of solutions. I'm even more impressed it came with a Tolco chemical resistant sprayer.

These will be my go to bottles for everything now.

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