Jeremy Stevens Interview - Business. Life. Growth.

Jeremy Stevens Interview - Business. Life. Growth.

Jeremy Stevens Interview hosted by Marcy Tran of The Detail Masters Academy Summit 2022

I love to share what I've learned in my last 26 years of business, both the good and the bad. It's the hard truths that have always helped me grow the most. In this hour-long video, I share life lessons, business tips, and hard truths on how to grow as a person and business. I know this will be beneficial.

This video is also an opportunity to learn more about who I am, my business, how I started, and where it has taken me. In life and business, we face numerous struggles and obstacles. It's how we overcome those obstacles that make us who we are. My hope is that you can draw some inspiration and motivation from what I shared.

I was incredibly blessed to be part of a 10 Day Training Summit, hosted by Marcy Tran.

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  • Blake Staley

    SHINE SUPPLY Delivers Products, Passion and Presence. This company is apart of a different Kingdom and they are spreading the Light in all places. So honored to be a part.

  • Corey Taylor

    Love all the content that is provided. You guys are doing awesome!!

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