How to clean and protect your UTV!

How to clean and protect your UTV!

Taking Off-Road toys in the dirt is a ton of fun and involves getting dirty. When the fun is over, you have plenty of dirt and grime to clean. The Shine Supply UTV Kit is specifically for this purpose, giving you everything you need to get your toys looking new again. With your choice of Garden Hose or Pressure Wash foam gun, our Shine Supply UTV Cleaning kit includes Hole Shot Off-Road soap, for the heavy dirt. Hotshot soap, to follow the Holeshot. Clean N' Shine, for interior seats, dash, console, etc. And finally Clutch silica spray, to hydrate your exterior, giving it that lasting protection and keeping your UTV looking like-new.

The Shine Supply UTV Cleaning includes everything you need to get your toys looking new again:

16oz. Clutch Silica Spray

Clutch - UTV Cleaning Kit

16oz. Hole Shot Complete Off-Road CleanerUTV Cleaning Kit - Hole Shot 16oz.

 16oz. Clean n' Shine Cleaner & ConditionerUTV Cleaning Kit - Clean n Shine 16 oz.

16oz. Hotshot Soap
UTV Cleaning Kit - Holeshot 16 oz.

Soft Bristle Wheel Brush
UTV Cleaning Kit - Wheel Brush
Large White Applicator Pad
Large White Applicator

Large Blue Microfiber Applicator Pad
Large Blue Applicator
Red Taddy Towels
Red Taddy Towels

Garden Hose Foam Gun or High-Pressure Foam Gun UTV Cleaning Kit:
We know firsthand what happens to our toys when we take them out and ride them hard. They get Dirty! This cleaning kit is made specifically for cleaning your toys. In this video, we broke down each product in this cleaning kit, the situations in which they are used, and the proper steps to restore that shine to your UTV or other off-road toys.  We hope this video gives you all the tools you need to clean and restore your toys to shine confidently.

Thanks for reading and watching. Stay tuned for more informational videos and blog posts.

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