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Article: How to prepare your vehicle for winter!

How to prepare your vehicle for winter!

How to prepare your vehicle for winter!

Winter Preperation & Maintenance

Posted on December 2nd, 2022 by Colby Stevens

Winter is here, and now is the time to prep and protect your vehicle to face the outside elements that winter brings. During this time it is crucial to get the exterior of your vehicle protected so it can withstand the brutal elements. Whether it is snow, salt, or rain, this blog will teach and provide you with the tools you need to get your vehicle ready for winter!

Why is important to protect my vehicle for Winter?

During the winter your car takes a beating, and if your vehicle is not properly protected, it could potentially harm the exterior of your vehicle. Driving through snow, rain, and extreme cold tempatures is very tough on your vehicles paint, therefore it is crucial to protect it. Things like rust and clear coat failure can come from your vehicle not being properly protected during the winter due to the surfaces not having any sort of protection to protect againest the outside elements. Not only will preparing your vehicle for winter protect it, but it will also allow it to clean up a lot easier when it gets excessively dirty when driving in the winter.

Can I prepare my vehicle even though I am not a detailer?

Of course you can! We have put together a very user friendly kit that gives you simple steps to follow in order to clean, protect, and maintain your vehicle throughout winter. Whether you are a detailer or not, this blog will leave you feeling confident when it comes time to cleaning and protecting your vehicle for the winter season ahead!  

What products do I need to prepare my vehicle for Winter?

We have put a kit together that meets all the needs of someone who is wanting to clean and protect their vehicle for winter, here are the products that the Winter Maintenance & Protection Kit contains!

Hot Shot Soap

Hot Shot Soap is a high cleaning soap that creates shaving cream like suds. Because of the amount of suds this soap creates, it allows a longer dwell time before the soap dries on the surface, giving you a longer time to scrub your vehicle This is a PH balanced soap so you will not have to worry about it staining anything, it smells great as well!

Holeshot Off Road Cleaner

Driving in winter conditions will lead to your vehicle getting very dirty. Holeshot Off Road Cleaner will safely and effectively clean the grime and debris that comes from the winter conditions. This product can be applied by spraying it on the heavily contaminated areas, or it can be mixed with your soap to increase the cleaning ability of your soap whether you are using a bucket or foam gun. It can also be used as a pre wash, simply pour 2 ounces and the rest water in your bucket or foam gun and apply it to your vehicle.

Daddy-O Paint Sealant

Providing your paint with protection will be the most important part of your Winter Preperation. Daddy-O Paint Sealant is a very durable sealant that will protcet your paint from the elements of winter, while leaving your pint extremely glossy. This product can be applied by hand or by machine and will last 8-12 months with proper maintenance.

Punch-It Ceramic Detailer

Maintenance will be key after getting your vehicle initially protected with Daddy-O, Punch-It Ceramic Detailer will be used to do exactly that. Punch-It is a ceramic infused detail spray that can be applied after the vehicle has been washed. This product will stack the layer of Daddy-O and give your paint ceramic properties like water beading and slickness. This product will ensure your layer of Daddy-O will last as long as it should.

Blue Applicator Pad

This Blue Applicator Pad will be used to apply the Daddy-O Paint Sealant. This is a very soft microfiber applicator that will provide you a scratch free application process when applying the sealant to your paint.

Cosmo Plush Microfiber Towel 2-Pack

These Cosmo Plush Microfiber Towels are high quality Korean Made 500 GSM microifber towels that will be utilized to level the Daddy-O as well as applying the Punch It to the paint. These are extremly soft and will not scratch your paint when being used!

What are the steps to use the Winter Prep Kit?

Step 1: Pre rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris off the surface.

Step 2: Grab Holeshot Off Road Cleaner and spray the product directly onto the areas of your vehicle that are heavily contaminated with grime and debris. You can also use it in your foam gun just as you would a soap to apply it to the vehicle. This product will be utilized to perform a pre wash on your vehicle to remove the heavy grime prior to performing your contact wash!

Step 3: After applying Holeshot to the entire vehicle, rinse off with water.

Step 4: For foam gun users, fill to "soap line" with Hot Shot Soap, for bucket users fill bucket with 4 oz. of Hot Shot Soap and the rest water. Soap the vehicle with either the foam gun or bucket method, and begin your contact wash with your wash mitts.

Step 5: After you have finished scrubing the vehicle, rinse the soap off with water and dry the vehicle.

Step 6: Once the vehicle is dried, use Daddy-O  Paint Sealant with the Blue Applicator Pad and apply the product to the paint using even circular motions.

Step 7: After applying Daddy-O  to the entire vehicle, use a Cosmo Plush Microfiber Towel to buff off the sealant.  

Step 8: Once the sealant has been buffed off, use Punch It Ceramic Detailer and a Cosmo Plush Microfiber Towel and wipe down the vehicle. This will stack the sealant with a light layer of ceramic protection, leaving the paint extremly slick and glossy.

Step 9: You can use Punch It as your maintenance product going foward to maintain the layer of Daddy-O on your paint and add gloss and slickness to your paint after each wash.

Winter Preperation YouTube Video

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Can I use this kit if my vehicle is Ceramic Coated?

Yes! We created a second variant of this kit for those who's vehicles are ceramic coated. This variant substitutes Hot Shot Soap for our Shift Soap (Our designated ceramic coated vehicle soap) and Daddy-O Paint Sealant substituted for Cherry Ceramic Wax which will bond properly to your coating without covering the properties of your ceramic coating!

Winter Maintenance and Protection Kit
(Ceramic Coated Vehicle)

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Further Questions!

If you have any further questions regarding our Shine Supply Products, please email us at!


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