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Protection you can trust.  

Daddy-O! is a sealant that fights against the toughest weather conditions to make sure your cars paint stays protected. This unique resin based formula creates a rich, warm gloss and it stays on your paint wash after wash. We have personally tested it on our vehicles and it's lasted a full year with proper maintenance. Give your paint the ultimate protection it deserves with the big daddy of paint sealants! 


  • For best results apply with a DA polisher and soft foam polishing at speed 3-4. 
  • If you see any "shadowing" after removal, use a Shine Supply Detail Spray to level out the product! 
  • Use our Wet Detailer followed by Ride Shine after each wash to keep your layer of Daddy-O! rejuvenated and your vehicles finish looking absolutely amazing! 
  • Can be applied by hand or with DA Polisher.


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