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Trim Sauce

Sale price$22.00

Keep your trim sauced.

(Previously Trim Shine)

Trim Sauce is an innovative water-based gel that gives your vehicles exterior trim deep, rich color. Unlike cheap, tacking dressing that only mask the neglected surface, Trim Sauce actually rejuvenates and leaves it looking new. 

Whether your trim is black, gray, or tan, you can restore its naturally rich color in a matter of minutes.


  • Apply to all exterior trim prior to your waxing or polishing steps. This helps eliminate any possible white staining of your trim during your waxing or polishing steps.  After, rub in with a clean, dry microfiber towel to remove any residue.
  • Apply to all trim, allow to soak in for 5-10 minutes. Using a clean microfiber towel, go back over the trim and quickly rub over the surface. This eliminates any excess product and leaves the trim dry to the touch. 
  • After a rain or a post application wash, you may have light streaking down your paint under an area where Trim Sauce was applied to your trim, don't worry, use our Eco Shine waterless wash or Ignition high speed detailer to quickly remove the residue. 


Trim Sauce
Trim Sauce Sale price$22.00