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Don't neglect your hands. 

Our new VR-Tech gloves are an answer to one of the biggest issues we face as detailers - vibration transfer from our tools into the nerves of our hands. Dual action polishers produce vibration that can cause numbness in your hands when using for long periods of times. Shine Supply anti-vibration gloves help reduce the transfer of the vibration going into your hands. 

Glove sizing:

Measure across your palm to find correct size - 

Gloves sizes are the following inch measurements:

S - 3.0" 
M - 3.5"
L - 4.0"
XL - 4.5"
2XL - 5.0"


  • VR-Tech gel impact palms to reduce vibration absorption
  • High-dexterity design form-fits the hand
  • Hook and loop wrist closer ensures custom fit
  • Exposed fingers provide easy phone access
  • "Work/Hard" knuckles aimed at increasing motivation 

Use for detailing, the gym, mountain biking or however else you find them useful!

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Hilt
Give Your Hands a Break

These gloves pay for themselves by keeping your hands from spazzing out. The fit and finish is excellent and the vibration cancellation they afford keeps your hands from buzzing after a long polishing session. Get them!

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