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This pH balanced formula works perfectly with any of our waxes or sealants. Shine Soap extends the life of your wax or sealant rather than break it down like some cheaper soaps will do. Shine Soap is made with the highest quality raw materials to ensure you are getting the absolute best for your pride and joy!

  • Refer to our Soap Chart for a detailed comparison of our car soaps.


  • Works excellent on vehicles containing a wax or sealant, making it perfect for maintenance washes.  
  • Low foaming formula allows for a quick and easy rinse, saving you both time and water. 
  • Shine Soap is loaded with water softening agents, drastically reducing water spotting on your paint, chrome and glass. 
  • Best used in a Shine Supply Foam Gun or with the 2 bucket method. 
  • Always follow Shine Supply Proper Wash Methods for best results!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert Nyberg
Struggling to find a good soap? Here's THE ONE.

I hate watching people struggle to wash a vehicle on a hot day, especially when they could just be using this soap to make their life easer. With that said, I wash my vehicle by myself on any given day without worries of whether its too hot out. I have let this product dry a number of times and I never once have been concerned. Aside from the spectacular water softeners in this product, the slickness/viscosity and polymers it brings to the surface are unparalleled. Truly one of Shine Supplies best products for anyone.

Nathan Parker
No turning back

Best auto soap I've used. Does what it says it supposed to do. This soap really enhances the experience & outcome!

Nicholas Sholtis
A True PH Balanced Soap

I work up in New England and we have hard water. Some other PH balanced soaps have left funny streaks in the paint or simply leave water spots. I have allowed this soap to almost dry on extremely hot days while washing the car in the sun. The soap all washes out and any minor spots left come right out with ride shine. As others have mentioned, it smells great and is super slick. It doesn't foam too well in a foam gun. I use it with an MTM and a 3.2 GPM power washer. It runs down the car, but that's preferable since it brings surface dirts with it prior to washing with a mitt.

Slickness is key

The first time I used this soap, it was so much slicker than any soap I have ever used. That is the key thing for safe damage free washing. Great soap, smells good and makes the car look great. I bought the gallon. It is worth every penny.

Steve M
Great Maintenance Wash Soap

This is my go to soap for all my maintenance washes. Great soap to wash any vehicle that you have laid down some kind of protection on. SMELLS AWESOME.

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