Rotary Backing Plate Extension

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The Rotary Backing Plate Extension enables you to perform what we like to refer to as precission buffing. The Rotary Backing Plate Extension places the backing plate and buffing pad farther away from the body of the rotary polisher so you can more easily see the small, intricate area that you’re working on.

If you’re using a 4 inch or smaller pad on a rotary polisher, more than likely you’re polishing small or hard to reach areas like a-pillars or complex body panels. With a small pad, you need to see exactly where the edge of the pad lies and the Rotary Backing Plate Extension makes this possible. By moving the backing plate and pad farther away from the body of the tool, you’re more easily able to see the exact contact points of the pad. This ensures you don’t run the pad over a body line while also guaranteeing that every surface of the vehicle that has paint gets polished.


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