Leather & Interior Cleaner - 16oz. w/ Black Sprayer

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Clean your interior safely.

Leather, door panels, dash, spots in your carpet...clean it all.

Leather & Interior Cleaner is a ready to use, pH- balanced cleaner that will safely remove dirt and grime from even the most delicate leather. This unique, non-toxic formula will leave your leather fully prepped and ready to be conditioned. Use Leather Cleaner on any leather, vinyl or plastic surfaces. 


Shake well. Spray directly onto a leather brush and scrub the surface to be cleaned. Wipe up residue with a soft micro fiber towel. Follow with Shine Supply Leather Conditioner.

PRO TIP: Use leather cleaner as a one step complete interior cleaner for those discerning clients that desire zero shine. Contains a UV guard so you can be confident you are offering proper cleaning and protection.

Customer Reviews

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works great


Pretty good

Dodd Allen Jr

This is a unicorn detailing product! I use it for everything. Amazing on every surface of the vehicles interior, Light engine bay cleaning, etc. It doesn’t stop there though... I use this product all throughout my house! Works great for cleaning the bottom of shoes, wiping down exterior garbage bins, Garage deck tile garage floors, cat litter boxes, leather furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. The list goes on!

Eli Lockheimer
You'll be surprised How Dirty Your Seats Are

I use this for mainly leather, but also very good in all parts of the interior. Gets the best results fast!

Nicholas Sholtis
Superior Leather Cleaner

I have an Audi S4 with the white leather inserts in the middle. I clean the leather basically every month. I have used Adams, Meguiars, Gyeon, and others. I cleaned it about a week ago, but obviously was eager to test it when I received this yesterday. As a side note, some of the old products I've used were a little harsh and would leave drip marks in the white leather. I sprayed this and proceeded to work it with a leather brush. The amount of dirt that came off was very surprising. It brought the color back! It was effortless and went on and came off in a breeze. As with everything I've tried I highly recommend this!! As others have mentioned it left the leather matte, which is what you want.

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