Leather Cleaner - 16oz

$16.00 USD

Clean your leather without drying it out.

Clean your leather the right way! Leather Cleaner is a ready to use, pH- balanced cleaner that will safely remove dirt and grime from even the most delicate leather. This unique, non-toxic formula will leave your leather fully prepped and ready to be conditioned. Use Leather Cleaner on any leather, vinyl or plastic surfaces.  


Shake well. Spray directly onto a leather brush and scrub the surface to be cleaned. Wipe up residue with a soft micro fiber towel. Follow with Shine Supply Leather Conditioner.


PRO TIP: Use leather cleaner as a one step complete interior cleaner for those discerning clients                   that desire zero shine. Contains a UV guard so you can be confident you are offering                         proper cleaning and protection.


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