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Ignition is a silica infused waterless wash spray detailer that is excellent for cleaning light dust & grime off your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, while leaving the finish crisp and glossy. This unique formula cleans, creates ridiculous shine, and leaves the surface protected with SiO2 technology. This streak free formula will boost a current ceramic coated vehicle or provide stand alone protection for your vehicles exterior surfaces. This versatile product works great on paint, glass, wheels and much more. If you are looking for your one stop shop detail spray, Ignition is for you. 

  • Never use on an excessively dirty vehicle
  • For best results, pair Ignition with the Cosmo Microfiber Towel
  • Leaves surface extremely slick and shiny
  • Exclusive surfactants and emulsifiers cut through dust and grime
  • For vehicles with moderate to heavy grime, use Eco Shine Waterless Wash to remove heavy layer of grime, then proceed to final wipe with Ignition
  • Works amazing as a final wipe detail spray on ceramic coated or non ceramic coated vehicles  
  • Works on paint, glass & chrome
  • Excellent for ceramic coated OR non-coated vehicles

Customer Reviews

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Horace C.
1st Time User

I was recommended Ignition by a fellow co-worker who used the product on his ceramic coated vehicle. I was kinda skeptical about buying/ordering this product (because I had the impression that it's equivalent to a shelf store brand waterless detailer, that I didn't have to order & wait on & could just swing by a store & pick up off the shelf). WRONG! 1st use/impression I was literally like OMG this stuff (keeping it clean stuff wasn't really not my exact word😁) is Awesome! My initial order I ordered 2 bottles but after loving it so much (& after quickly draining the first bottle), I went back & ordered a gallon (because I hate dragging the ole hose & bucket out everytime esp. if I really didn't have to since the vehicle is not a daily driven vehicle, however I did before my 1st use hand wash my vehicle & would use Ignition after pulling the vehicle out of the garage or if I just ran a few errands or just out cruising for a few minutes) because not only did it clean it shined & removed my water spots (which can easily be seen on a black vehicle) after washing it. Excellent product!

The best product for your ride

Have been using shine supplies' products for a few years now. I am very familiar with using the Eco Shine & Ride Shine which are both excellent products, but let me say WOW. Ignition is the best and absolutely worth the money. You want to turn heads and make your vehicle stick out, buy this stuff and you'll never look back. 10/10, well done Shine Supply!

Great Product

This stuff works great, removes light dust & dirt without a problem.

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