Hole Shot Complete Off-Road Cleaner - Gallon

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Hole Shot complete off-road cleaner is not your typical all purpose cleaner. Unlike cheap degreasers which can damage surfaces, Hole Shot complete off-road cleaner is a non-caustic formula that cleans better and safer. You can now clean every surface with peace of mind. Clean smarter with Hole Shot.

  • Safely cleans all plastic, rubber, painted and metal surfaces. 
  • Safe for aluminum and anodized parts
  • Biodegradable formula keeps the earth happy
  • Concentrated formula delivers powerful cleaning
  • Added rinse aid leaves behind zero residue
  • Cleans off road trucks, side-by-sides, ATV’s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes and more! 
  • Excellent for pre-washing a ceramic coated or non-ceramic coated vehicle that has been through rain or snow.  


  • For heavy cleaning, add 4oz to your soap in a foam gun
  • For pre-washing a vehicle that has heavy grime after rain or snow: Fill foam gun to soap fill line and apply to entire vehicle. Power wash off and proceed with your typical washing process.

    Customer Reviews

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    Allan de Koning
    Hole Shot Power

    I like to use Hole Shot for engine bay and undercarriage deep cleaning or for the occasional off road run. It doesn’t disappoint, a must have for your stash of supplies 👍🏼

    David Beaudin
    Love this Cleaner

    I used this for my dirt bikes and also for a prewash on the cars when they are really dirty. Works amazing

    Joshua P.
    Best cleaner for dirt and scum

    I use it on undercarriages on cars/trucks. It breaks down the dirt and road scum down fast. Makes for a easy clean

    evan burns
    holeshot 👌

    love it as a prewash over ceramic and undercarriage deep cleans

    This stuff smells amazing!

    I enjoy using this as a pre-wash for vehicles I detail. Living in Alaska you can bet that we deal with tons of mud, snow and salt from the roads. This stuff pulls through and makes exterior details a breeze. I was surprised at the viscosity as it seems like it would be more soap based since it goes in a foam cannon. It's great and thought it says to dilute 1:1, I've found based on my preference a little goes a long way. Keep up the great work Shine Supply!

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