Heavy Cut - 32oz.

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Shred through oxidation.

If you've ever worked on a boat or motorhome with gel-coat or fiberglass material, you know that is some serious difficult paint to work with.

In a situation like that, you want to use the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done.
Heavy Cut is a super strong compound that was formulated to take on the most severe paint conditions possible, especially gel-coat and fiberglass. 
This compound was created with a long buffing cycle and will not dry out when buffing in direct sun.

May be used with a DA Polisher or Rotary.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas P

Liquid sandpaper. This stuff checks all the boxes. Easy to work with, wipe off, and doesn’t dust like crazy. 10/10

Scott Medeiros
Great on highly oxidized boats

This stuff is pretty amazing. My boat lived a neglected life before I purchased it and the chalky gel coat really showed how little it was cared for. This cut through it like butter and was also easy to wipe off.

Tyler Prewitt
Making oxidized boats look new

When working on a neglected boat with Gel Coat in need of restoration, I always go to Heavy Cut. As with nearly all Shine Supply products, a little goes a long way and this product is a time saver when working on heavily oxidized gel coats. Another win for Shine Supply.

Donnie Anderson
Great Gel Coat Compound

Excellent for boats with that hard gel-coat!

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