HDO blue foam cutting/polishing pad

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The King of foam pads.


  • Lake Country HDO Foam Pads feature a dual-density design. This unique design eliminates the concaving effect that other pads experience, allowing the pads to maintain optimum surface contact and extended usage on long-stroke machines, like the Rupes 15 & 21mm or the Griots BOSS Polishers.
  • Lake Country HDO Foam Pads will outlast and outperform any other foam pads on a long-stroke dual action polisher – guaranteed.
  • The white interface absorbs heat and keeps it from transferring into the foam. This keeps the pad dense which maintains its cutting/polishing abilities. 



  • Works amazing with our Flat Top compound. Corrects heavy defects while leaving a mirror finish that's ready for your last protective step.  
  • Use with our Burn Out reconditioning cream for the ultimate one step polish job that will give you moderate swirl removal and an incredible shine.