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Flat Top compound has a short cycle time which gives a very aggressive cut and speeds up productivity. The dry emulsion allows for effortless wipe off. Works amazing with any DA polisher and you can easily achieve an LSP (last step possible) ready finish on multiple paint types. You can achieve great results with micro fiber cutting pads but the product will flash faster when using a micro fiber pad because of the increased friction. It was designed to have a dry, fast cut with easy wipe off. The highlight of the product is that Flat Top has triple filtered agglomerates which means the abrasives have gone through a tumbling/purification process 3x's over which causes the abrasives to have extremely smooth, refined edges so as they diminish they are not marring the finish but actually refining it as a fine polish would. The product is truly the best of both worlds; amazing cutting ability while finishing down leaving a mirror finish. Lastly, we used a health conscious solvent when making this product that is semi-odorless and very non-toxic when compared to solvents used in other compounds found on the market.


  • Use SLOW passes with medium down pressure for maximum results. The faster your passes the LESS results you will achieve.
  • Target use is on harder paints with a dual action polisher. Keep in mind when using with a rotary the product will flash and dry out very fast. We recommend using our Chop Top or Classic Cut if you are using a rotary.


  1. When using with microfiber pads - prime the pad with an outer and inner circle of product. Rub product thoroughly into pad surface.
  2. Before turning the polisher on - spread product evenly on area to be polished (2ft x 2ft. area is ideal). Set your dual action polisher at speed 5. Using slow arm speed and moderate pressure, perform 2 passes over your target area.
  3. Blow the pad out with compressed air or clean with your pad cleaning tool. Apply 4 dime size dots of product to your pad and cycle the same section but do not use ANY pressure. This allows the backing plate to spin at maximum rotation. Perform 2 passes using this technique. 
  4. Wipe surface with clean microfiber towel. Follow with our Classic Polish or Slick Back primer polish.

If using a foam cutting pad, follow the same methods listed above except DO NOT prime the pad with the outer and inner product circle. Prime the pad use 4 dime size dots of product. 


Q - When performing my passes, how do I know when the abrasives are "broken down"?
A - The product will be almost transparent once the abrasives are completely "broken down".

- What's the best pad to use with Flat Top?
A - Harder paints use microfiber pads (cutting or finishing microfiber pads will both achieve great results depending on the paint type, be adventurous). Softer paints use foam cutting pads.

Q - How does Flat Top work in direct sun, warm temperatures or humidity?
A - Flat Top does NOT perform well in sun, warmer temperatures or humidity. The dry emulsion causes it to "flash" very fast in warm conditions which will cause the product to not cut as effectively as it should. For these warmer conditions - use our Classic Cut. 

Q - Is Flat Top safe for all clear coats?
- Yes, Flat Top is safe to use on ALL paints types and any clear coats.        

Customer Reviews

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What retailers have been waiting for!

Talk about a product that performs beyond belief.

I have used this on several vehicles where I would normally reach for 2000 grit wet sanding paper. Cuts incredibly fast, leaves virtually no haze, low dust.

One pass on heavy scratches why would you use anything else. This product has turned my 4 step paint correction into 2.

Throw out your traditional compounds and buy shine aupply.

Austin D Goodwin

Awesome for hard paint. Just did a mercedes e350 and got to put this to use for the first time. lots and lots of cut but finishes down so so so so good. I could have gotten away with not following up with classic polish (no buffer trails), but that last 10 percent of clarity makes such a difference.
Also, Id like to say something about using this along with classic polish. Prior to reaching for the sandpaper, make sure youve given classic polish a spin. It really does have a bit of bite to it and will knock out a large amount of isolated defects.
Every shine supply polish/ compound ive bought has blown my mind. the more you work with the products, the more you get to know them. Do yourself a favor and spend some quality time with shine supply's "paint correction system"

Jonathan Hilt; Hilt's Detailing LLC
Chop Top's Wild Little Brother

Flat Top is the compound you go for when you've got a project that needs to be done yesterday. It's like a shot of nitrous in a drag race: hits like a hammer and leaves you at the finish line before anyone else. Incredibly good finish down and remarkable final results.

Kevin Cox
My Go To

Remarkable compound. I have always reached for Meguiar's 100 but found myself reaching for this more often. Especially when it comes to rotary work. I like using a product that doesn't dust and finishes remarkable, this is the one. Found myself using this with a rupes even on days where I just felt lazy and didn't want to wetsand. An excellent product for anyone just learning or running a full time shop, will always have a place on my shelf!

Detail 207

Even on the most trashed paint it will remove just about all defects and even finish down lsp ready in most cases. Don't look anywhere else, this products is all you need.

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