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Cool Guy will instantly be your favorite wheel cleaner. When it comes to cleaning power and results, its untouchable! This acid free, pH balanced formula dissolves brake dust and grime buildup on contact. Cool Guy doesn’t just clean the surface of your wheels, it penetrates deep into the surface to remove the iron deposits that aren’t even visible to the human eye. Keep your wheels looking "cool" with Cool Guy Wheel Cleaner

  • Always clean one wheel at a time to prevent any product drying on the surface 
  • Never apply product to a hot wheel surface
  • Cool Guy dissolves break dust on contact and turns bright purple
  • SAFE to use on factory, painted or clear coated, polished aluminum, powder coated, and ceramic coated wheels
  • AVOID using Cool Guy on anodized wheels, instead use Solution diluted 4:1 or Shine Soap


Customer Reviews

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Must buy wheel cleaner!

After using two other iron removing wheel cleaners and not being satisfied with the results, I gave Cool Guy a shot and it seriously impressed. Not only did Cool Guy start breaking down some of the stubborn baked on brake dust that the other two cleaners didn't (even after using the entire bottles over multiple washes), but it smells a lot better too; there is a nice cherry scent that definitely improves user experience. The cleaner is noticeably viscous, so it clings better to the wheel barrels and faces instead of running off like water.

My only piece of advice is to either buy the gallon or to decant the cleaner into another spray bottle if you get the 16oz. The spray head on the 16oz (which is what I purchased) is very inefficient, and I wasted a lot of product trying to get even coverage with the poor spray pattern.

That being said, Shine Supply absolutely has a repeat customer and I fully intend to upgrade to the gallon. Don't waste your time trying another iron removing wheel cleaner: this is your huckleberry.

The hunt is over...the best wheel cleaner I have used.

Cool Guy is the best wheel cleaner I have used. The 3 reasons you should buy and start with the gallon are:
1. It smells great, which is rare for a wheel cleaner.
2. It does a better job of cleaning wheels than any product I have used.
3. The final results from this cleaner makes my wheels pop like I hit them with a polish or some treatment.

Eli Lockheimer
Go For The Gallon

Just buy a gallon, you'll thank me later. Not the cheapest wheel cleaner, but you do not need to use a lot at all. A little goes a long way. Agitate it. You'll be amazed. DO NOT waste your money on any other brand wheel cleaner. Step up and buy this one.

Nathan Parker
There is no other

Cool guy works. It just works. It tops any other wheel cleaner I've used!

Melissa Campagnoni
This stuff...just wow!

My daughters Wheels and rims hadn’t been cleaned in three years. Sprayed this magic on and I have brand new looking wheels!!

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