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Get that wet look.

Banana Shine is a thin, liquid wax formulated with premium grade carnauba wax and a durable resin. Most thin liquid waxes wash off your vehicle during your next wash but Banana Shine is formulated with a durable resin which extends the life of the wax. Use as often as you want to keep your ride looking dripping wet.

  • Easy on, Easy off!
  • Won't leave any nasty powder and you can use it in direct sun light!
  • Creates an amazing, deep shine. Clear Coat safe. 

Pro Tip: Follow with Ride Shine Detail Spray to get that perfect finish. 

Banana Shine used to make this '57 Chevy shine!

Customer Reviews

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Juan Diaz
The best liquid carnauba wax HANDS DOWN

This FAR outlasts Collinite 845 insulator wax by a long shot. I don’t know how you guys did it but wow the results are impressive. The fact that there is no gallon size of this wax makes me think that product is severely underrated for what it offers. The price is good for what your getting and I think it deserves more praise. Thank you shine supply for offering such a product. If you can, a gallon of this wax would be AMAZING

Mad Scientist
Supreme quality, easy to use, affordable

Hands down the must wax ive used in my entire life, easy to apply (wax on wax off), leaves the paint poppin and looking cherry af. Ive been able to get 6 weeks of durability (car sits outside all the time), water beads off and paint looks shiny. I myself would buy this product over again.

Best liquid wax

I love this wax, the only problem is they need to make this in 32oz or gallo12 or gallo 24 size available. I gone thru them too fast.

Nicholas Sholtis
Fantastic Product and Scent

I highly recommend this. It leaves the surface looking very clear and high levels of reflection. Many cars I do are metallic, and I've noticed they really pop now. I use this and then top it off with a quick layer of Ride Shine. Try it out and see for yourself. This stuff works and is superior to others out there with similar or lower price points.

Jonathan Hilt; Hilt's Detailing LLC
Nothing Fruity About It

This product is a must have for any "Express" type work. Spray on, let it set, wipe off and drool over the paint's magnificence.

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