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Remove water spots, add shine!

You've had fun on the water all day but now it's time to clean up. Aftermath quickly removes water spots from the day and leaves the surface glossy, along with boosting protection. The traditional vinegar and water method to remove water spots will dry out our gelcoat and strip any protection you have on the surface. Aftermath enhances the finish rather than leaving it dry and dull.


Shake well. Spray directly onto surface and wipe thoroughly using a microfiber towel. Use a second clean microfiber towel and give it another wipe to even out the finish. For stubborn water spots apply aftermath again and let the product dwell for about 10 seconds before wiping.


  • Aftermath works on more than just boats. Try it on your jet ski, RV, trailer and other recreational vehicles!

Customer Reviews

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Kreeg B
Works exactly as described

I had originally purchased this to use for my marine clients but after a wash on a black bmw x5 in the sun there was some spots that Aftermath cleaned up instantly ! Worked very well as a drying aid and I will definitely be keeping this around from
Here out. Thanks !

Kris Metje
My new secret weapon.

Just got this in today and tested it on a vehicle I was prepping for a coating. I had planned on polishing the glass to get rid of the minor spotting left on the glass, but Aftermath was able to take care of this for me. You can see the product working before it dries as the “ghosting” of the spots goes away. This tells me that it really cleans the deposits off as opposed to hydrating them to give the false sense of removal.

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