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Remove water spots & add shine!

You've had fun on the water all day but now it's time to clean up. Aftermath quickly removes water spots from the day and leaves the surface glossy, along with boosting protection. The traditional vinegar and water method to remove water spots will dry out our gelcoat and strip any protection you have on the surface. Aftermath enhances the finish rather than leaving it dry and dull.



Shake well. Spray directly onto surface and wipe thoroughly using a microfiber towel. Use a second clean microfiber towel and give it another wipe to even out the finish. For stubborn water spots apply aftermath again and let the product dwell for about 10 seconds before wiping.


  • Aftermath works on more than just boats. Try it on your jet ski, RV, trailer and other recreational vehicles!
  • Completely safe on Ceramic Coated vehicles! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Best Boat Detail Spray out there!

    Holy Grail of water spot removal

    Aftermath was sent to me after they saw a video I did on TikTok about another product about boat cleaning. We have a black surfboat and while it is beautiful, it's a pain to keep clean - even more so now that we have our boat in a water slip for the summer. This past weekend I finally gave aftermath it's debut and I could not believe just how well this product worked at cutting the water spots, even the water spots under the hull that I haven't bothered to get since we haven't taken the boat out of the water. I utilized my paddleboard to really get in there.. I wanted to see this product WORK! I was an avid Boat Juice user and it was drying out my gel coat. Switched to vinegar/water solution and same result so I was really looking for something to bring that shine back and of course actually clean. I am still in shock just how amazing this cleaner worked. Highly recommend for boating! If I could post a before and after video of the way it cleaned you'd immediately hit "buy now"

    This Stuff Is Amazing

    I am skeptical when there are limited reviews, but as the previous review stated, "this stuff is amazing!" I wish I could post a picture of the before and after. I run a center console with a shark grey hull. Water spots are my enemy. This stuff took off all the spots and left an amazing shine on the hull. If you take care of your boat and need a product to keep you in between waxings, look no further!

    Chris Seckman
    Not just for boats

    This stuff is amazing. I wipe my Harley down with it after each wash. It cuts through residual water spots leaving the paint looking like it just came off of the showroom floor.

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