DIY Paint Correction Kit

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Correct, Polish, & Protect Your Paint 

Correcting and Polishing your paint may be intimidating at times. However, with this kit we want you to feel confident in correcting and polishing your paint whether you are a detailer or DiY'er. This kit includes everything you need to remove swirls, polish, and protect your paint with complicating the steps. Whether you have a DA Polisher or not, this kit contains every product you will need to perform a correction, polish, and protection detail on your vehicle! 

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

  1. Using Classic Cut and a Microfiber Cutting Pad, compound the vehicle. 
  2. Work in 2x2 sections at a time and apply 4 dots of Classic Cut to the pad for each section, use slow arm speed with your machine on speed 5. 
  3. After your passes are complete, use a microfiber towel to wipe off product. 
  4. Once your pad begins to get loaded up with product, switch to a new pad. 
  5. Once the compounding is complete, switch to Classic Polish and a HDO Orange Foam pad and begin polishing the marring from your cutting step. 
  6. You can do an entire panel at a time when polishing, use faster arm speed with your machine on speed 4, wipe off product using a microfiber towel after each panel. 
  7. After your polishing step, grab Daddy-O and the HDO Black Foam Pad, apply 6 dots of product onto your pad for each panel on the vehicle.
  8. Apply the product to the entire vehicle, then go back with your microfiber towel and wipe off the residue. 
  9. Enjoy your results! 

Here is a helpful YouTube Video to learn more! 

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