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Simplify your cleaning.

Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe, it actually “loosens” the soiled area ensuring successful results.

Solution is safe and effective on: 

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Plastics
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Undercarriage
  • Engines
  • Paint

Dilute Solution with water according to what task you're performing.

  • 10:1 for light interior cleaning, leather and exterior paint prep.
  • 4:1 for heavy cleaning on vinyl, and plastics.
  • 1:1 for heavy duty cleaning, undercarriage and motor cleaning

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Stephanie Markey
Awesome pre-spray and cleaner

I use a pre-spray into a rinseless wash method, and finding a good APC that has good performance, is economical, and isn't gonna melt my face off has been a challenge. Solution absolutely fits that bill. I used it at 10:1 in an IK Foamer with a half ounce of Hotshot soap for a little foaming boost on a vehicle I had deliberately let get filthy for about a month. Pollen, dirt, road grime, rainspots, the works... this took care of it. By the time I got to the contact wash there was almost nothing on my wash media. Color me impressed! It didn't quite do the job on the tires at just 10:1, but I have no doubt that a higher concentration would work just fine. Very happy with this product.

Luke Watters
Easy to use

Easy to use and safe on engine bays!

Ramon Rodriguez

The best product I used so far!!! Love it!!!!

Alex Butler
Good Product

Used to clean undercarriage of my Truck along with Classy Chassis.. Does a great job of breaking down grease and road grime with mild agitation. Pleased with this purchase

Alex Tarrant
Best APC I’ve ever used

Coming from daily use in my detail shop it’s worth every penny even when diluted 10:1.

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