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Article: How to properly clean your engine bay!

How to properly clean your engine bay!

How to properly clean your engine bay!

Clean and Condition Your Engine Bay Properly

Posted on April 10, 2023 by Colby Stevens

Cleaning the engine bay of your vehicle can be intimidating due to the amount of fragile parts and wires that can be damaged with water, however there is no need to be intimidated, we got you covered.

In this blog we will go over what to cover, what to avoid spraying, and everything that takes place when safely cleaning your engine bay and conditioning/protecting all your plastic, vinyl, and rubber components.  

What do I need to cover and avoid when cleaning my engine?  


Prior to rinsing your motor you will want to cover your alternator with a microfiber towel or plastic bag, you do not want any water getting into your alternator that may potentially harm it.

Air Intake/Filter

If you have an aftermarket intake that is exposed you will want to cover it with a plastic bag or microfiber towel, if your filter or intake is covered, place a microfiber towel into the intake hole to prevent any water from accessing your intake.


When cleaning your motor, avoid shooting water into your battery and fuse box area, these are electronics therefore you do not want water getting into those areas which can potentially harm them. You can cover them with a microfiber towel for extra caution.

Motor Tempature

Always ensure the motor is cool when performing a detail on the engine bay, you never want to spray cold water onto a hot motor.

Everything you need to detail your engine bay

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Your engine bay is one of the dirtiest parts of your vehicle, therefore you will need a strong cleaner in order to break down the heavy grime. Solution will safely and effectively break down the heavy debris present in your engine bay without harming or damaging the fragile surfaces.


Having a nice set of brushes will be very handy in order to agitate the nooks and crannies throughout the engine bay. Having a Larger Brush for the bulk of the engine bay and a Smaller Brush for the tighter areas is ideal!


Once the engine bay is clean, you will want to condition and protect the plastic, vinyl, and rubber components. Clean 'N Shine will do just that, this product will clean up any leftover debris and grime from the cleaning step while conditioning all of the plastic, vinyl, and rubber parts.

Engine Bay Kit

We have put together a kit that contains everything listed above that you will need to clean, condition, and protect your engine bay. The Engine Bay Kit  will get your vehicle's motor lookin' like new in a couple easy steps.

Air Blower

Having an air blower, leaf blower, or compressed air will be very handy to blow out the water that is sitting in all of the nooks and crannies throughout the motor! This will allow you to remove any water that you do not want in your engine bay. The Metro Vac Master Blaster is our personal favorite!

Step by step on detailing your engine bay

Step 1: To start things off, cover the alternator, air intake, battery, and any exposed electrical, with a microfiber towel or plastic bag.  

Step 2: Pre-rinse the engine bay to remove any loose debris off the surface. Keep the hose or pressure washer at least 12 inches from the engine bay when rinsing to avoid shooting water into areas that may harm the motor.

Step 3: Spray Solution RTU or Solution diluted 4:1 directly onto the entire engine bay.

Step 4: Using your desired brushes, agitate the accessble areas throughout the engine bay.  

Step 5: Rinse the entire motor to remove the Solution product residue.

Step 6: Using a leaf blower, compressed air, or air blower, and blow out all the crack and crevices throughout the engine bay. For any leftover water use a microfiber towel to get the engine bay dry.

Step 7: Spray Clean 'N Shine directly onto all of the plastic, vinyl, and rubber components, and allow the product to soak in for 5-10 minutes.  

Step 8: Level the Clean 'N Shine using a microfiber applicator pad.

Step 9: Enjoy your clean, conditioned, and protected engine bay!

How to Clean & Condition Your Engine Bay YouTube Video

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Further Questions!

If you have any further questions regarding how to detail your engine bay vehicle, or any questions regarding our Shine Supply products, please email us at!


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