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Wheel Cleaning Posted on November 14, 2022 by Colby Stevens Your wheels take the most abuse out of any part on your vehicle, making them the most difficult to maintain and keep clean. No matter the weather conditions, your wheels will always seem be hammered with brake dust or grime from the roads. In this blog, we will explain when to use what wheel cleaner, along with what wheel cleaner not to use on specific wheel finishes. What is the difference between Wise Guy Wheel & Tire Cleaner and Cool Guy Wheel Cleaner? Wise Guy Wheel & Tire Cleaner Wise...

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The undercarriage of a vehicle takes the most abuse out of any part of the vehicle, and it can really ruin the look of your detail if it is not cleaned and conditioned properly  In this blog we will cover what products you will need along with the proper steps you will follow in order to clean and restore the undercarriage of your vehicle! 

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I recently was part of The Truck Show Podcast with Lightning and Holman. We had a great conversation about ceramic coating...the benefits, the myths and much more. We also discussed pro's and con's of PPF (Paint Protection Film) and how to choose what's best for your vehicle. I know you'll enjoy the conversation. Please give it a listen and thank you for being part of the Shine Culture! Listen Now!

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