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Wise Guy is designed to make cleaning tires and wheels quick and easy while delivering awesome results. Pretty smart, huh? This product easily strips built-up grime and old dressing from your tire’s surface, leaving it clean and ready to be decked out with dressing. Works excellently for weekly cleaning of wheels where the brake dust build-up is moderate.

  • The high foaming formula was created for more powerful cleaning
  • Breaks down build-up on tires
  • Removes old tire dressing buildup, leaving a clean canvas for Decked Out Tire Dressing
  • Removes dirt and grime from most wheels
  • Non-Acid formula
  • SAFE on all factory, painted, powder-coated, and chrome wheels
  • NOT SAFE on anodized or polished aluminum wheels - look at the Pro Tip below for cleaning these kinds of wheels
  • AVOID use on ceramic coated wheels - for these use our pH balanced Cool Guy Wheel Cleaner
  • Dilute product 1:1 for best results

Customer Reviews

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No other tire cleaner will replace this in my collection

Zach Beard
Miss the old wise guy

I miss the old wise guy which was just for tires. This new wise guy works well for the wheel/tire combo it just doesn’t clean tires like it used to.

Hi Zach, thanks for the honest review. The old Wise Guy was a stronger concentrate so to match it, you simply use the new Wise Guy straight. Customers still save money because of the versatility in the new blend being able to clean wheels also. The current blend allowed the product to be an excellent Non-Acid wheel cleaner along with still cleaning tires excellent.

Aidan Dike
Wise Guy

This is hands down the best wheel cleaner I’ve ever used. You can see the dirt melting off within seconds. It’s a must have product.

Juan Diaz
This destroys brake buster!

The best tire cleaner ever!!! It does a good job on rims too but there are some like meguiars wheel brightened that cleans rims the fastest but for shine supply to produce the best of both worlds and cleaning tires at ease oh lord I can’t this is the best bang for buck I can’t believe shine supply knocked it out of the park with this product. I love it so much I’d can’t live without it!!

The Very Best!

This stuff is amazing! 50/50 dilutable and leaves everything it touches clean as a whistle! Never run out of this stuff at my shop.

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