Winter Maintenance & Protection Kit

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Winter is here. 

Now is the time to prep and protect your vehicle to face the outside elements that winter brings. During this time it is crucial to get the exterior of your vehicle protected so it can withstand the brutal elements of winter. Whether it is snow, salt, or rain, this kit will allow you to not only protect your vehicle, but also maintain it throughout Winter.  

We offer the kit for both Non-Ceramic-Coated and Ceramic-Coated Vehicles! 

For more in depth instructions, please watch our YouTube Video:

Kit includes:

How to use: 

  1. Rinse vehicle to remove any loose debris and grime off the surface. 
  2. Use Holeshot in foam gun, or with spray bottle, to perform a pre wash to remove the layer of heavy grime off the paint prior your contact wash. 
  3. After spraying Holeshot to the entire vehicle, rinse off with water. 
  4. Once the heavy grime has been removed with Holeshot, use Hot Shot or Shift Soap to perform your contact wash, use with foam gun or with the bucket method. 
  5. Once the contact wash is complete, rinse with water and dry. 
  6. Using Cherry Ceramic Wax or Daddy-O, apply directly to the paint using the Blue Applicator Pad.
  7. After applying to the entire vehicle, use 1 Cosmo Plush Towel to level the wax. 
  8. Using Punch It Ceramic Detailer, wipe down the vehicle using 1 Cosmo Plush Towel, spray product directly onto towel and wipe the panel, flip the towel to a dry side and level any streaks.

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Erick Ruiz
Great kit, great value…. Customer for life

Been into detailing for about 15 years now. Just a guy who enjoys having a clean car. Tried many products from many companies. Once I went with shine supply. There was no turning back. Every product is SOLID… Trust me. This kit has everything you need.

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