White Clay Bar (Fine Grade)

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This fine-grade clay will leave your finish smooth and silky. Shine Supply's Fine Grade Clay Bar is a soft, yet durable clay for picking up the finer particles on your finish and restore your paint's smoothness. This soft clay will fit in the smaller, hard-to-reach areas and allow the clay to conform to the surface that needs treatment.


  • Soft, Fine Grade Material
  • Removes light contaminates 
  • Excellent for newer, dark-colored vehicles
  • Leave your finish smooth to the touch
  • Perfect for painted surfaces, glass, polished metal, and clear plastics!



For best results use our SMOOTH MOVE paint decontaminator prior to using a clay bar.

SMOOTH MOVE pulls out the embedded contaminants from the paint and provides better end results.

Always use with our SHINE MIST clay lube! 

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