Wheel & Tire Starter Kit

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Nothing beats crisp, clean wheels and tires. 

This kit provides you with everything needed to safely and properly clean your wheels along with giving your tires a rich black shine that fits your preference. 


Kit includes:

  • (1) Cool Guy Wheel Cleaner 16oz
  • (1) Decked Out tire dressing 16oz
  • (1) Wise Guy Tire Cleaner 16oz
  • (1) Wheel Woolie 18” Angle Brush
  • (1) Wheel Woolie Detail Brush
  • (1) Tire Brush
  • (2) Shine Supply bottles (for diluting Wise Guy & Decked Out)
  • (1) Black applicator pad 


How to use:

  1. Clean one wheel at a time.
  2. Spray Cool Guy wheel cleaner on the wheel face and inside the wheel barrel.
  3. Wait 30 seconds and the cleaner will turn red as it begins to remove the brake dust. 
  4. Use the Wheel Woolie Detail brush to clean the wheel faces.
  5. Use the Wheel Woolie Angle Brush to clean the inside wheel barrels. 
  6. Rinse wheel thoroughly.
  7. Using the Shine Supply spray bottle - dilute the Wise Guy tire cleaner 1:1, spray directly on the tire and scrub with tire brush.
  8. Rinse tire thoroughly. 


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