Wet Detailer - 16oz. w/ Black Sprayer

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Wet Detailer express sealant is a water-activated paint sealant that quickly boosts your existing layer of protection. Whether your vehicle already has a coat of wax, paint sealant, or no protection at all; Wet Detailer is a great fit...this stuff is so easy to use! Wet Detailer also works as stand-alone light protection on all exterior surfaces: paint, chrome, glass, and wheels.


  1. Wash vehicle.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Spray Wet Detailer onto the surface - one section at a time
  4. Dry the vehicle.
  5. Even out any streaks with one of our detail sprays; Ride Shine quick detail spray or Punch-It synergy spray.


  • Adds amazing gloss and dries transparent

  • Doesn’t leave any white residue behind like traditional waxes

  • Safe for all exterior surfaces

  • Works excellently as a refresher to your existing coat of Daddy-O paint sealant or Signature Shine paste wax

  • Saves time!

  • Use on your wheels to protect them during washes and make your next cleaning process easier

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Erick R
Cannot be easier to use

So my brother bought a new car. On his first wash I told him I wanted to try this product. No actual prep was done. Just washed and went straight to this stuff. Been 2 weeks and I can still see beads coming up when the car gets wet. Another stellar product from SS. So far every product has exceeded my expectations.


If anyone is reading this, whoever above commented one star because it ruined their towels… don’t listen to that. I have been using Wet Detailer since the day it was released years ago and it is hands down next level stuff. For ease of use, price, how it works and what it’s capable of. Whoever that guy above is that reviewed one star is literally the only person on the planet to ever complain about it. Don’t hesitate buying it. You will not be disappointed.

Juan Diaz
This outperforms “bead” maker by far

I’m sorry P&S, as much hype as “Bead” maker gets, it certainly doesn’t perform up to par after 2 weeks as a quick sealant. Seriously Meguiars synthetic express spray WAX lasts longer than a bead maker SEALANT😂😂. Wet Detailer on the other hand far Outlasts “bead” maker lasting a good 5-6 WEEKS of protection. That’s what a quick sealant should do and perform, it may cost more but you’re getting more bang for buck instead of mindless spraying. Thank you shine supply for actually making this product work and not come off with buzzword products like other brands such as P&S You guys are AMAZING.

The best detailing product ever!

This is by far the best detailing product I have ever used. When my wife got a new Audi last year I wanted to test out this product to see just how well it protected her car without any other protection on the vehicle. I polished her car and used this as the sole protection on the vehicle. Then after every wash I dry the car with wet detailer followed by ride shine. I wash her car 1-2 times a month and during every wash it beads better than any off the shelf wax I have ever user. This product is insane!!! I literally can protect any car in a matter of minutes. The mind blowing results come when you lay down signshine wax or daddy-o, then maintain with wet detailer after every wash. I seriously can’t wash my vehicles without this! The best part, wet detailer cuts the drying time in half!

Always shied away from spray type detailers in the past

But not anymore. After realizing that we needed something to bridge the gap to a more extensive detail job, we looked around for a spray and wipe solution. Being a Shine Supply customer already, I opted for Wet Detailer as my solution. Well, a half dozen jobs in and couldn't be more pleased. A product that is easy on, easy off, looks good, feels good and doesn't take us half a day to apply and remove is just the ticket for our entry level offerings. I'm sold and more importantly so is my partner and he rarely gives any "new" product a thumbs up after one use. He gave this a solid thumbs up after the very first car. This product is a winner.

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