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Waterless Wash kit

Sale price$50.00

Wash & Protect With No Water

Some people that are living in big cities or living in apartments do not have access to a water source, therefore they are unable to wash their vehicle. However, with this keep you will be able to wash and protect your vehicle with using absolutely no water!

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

1. Dilute Eco Shine 10:1 in the Shine Supply Spray Bottle (Use dilution chart on bottle for help) 

2. Spray Eco Shine directly onto the panel, use Green Hyper Soft Towel and lift the debris off the surface using straight side to side passes.

3. After each panel flip your towel to a clean side to ensure you are not rubbing debris into your paint. 

4. After the vehicle has been cleaned with Eco Shine, grab Ignition and the Cosmo Plush Towel.

5. Spray Ignition directly onto the towel and wipe down the vehicle, after each pass flip the towel to level out any excess product. 

Common Sense Warning- Do Not perform waterless wash if your vehicle is excessively dirty.

Waterless Wash kit
Waterless Wash kit Sale price$50.00