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As you know, so many people in our current world are looking for a title. Too many people pride themselves in things that are shallow and empty.

Having a title is like a gym membership, it means nothing unless you do the work.

Self-respect is developed from having a work ethic, not a title. If you're looking to be more satisfied with your life and job, start with developing a work ethic that moves towards excellence every day. If you fail, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Every day is a fresh opportunity. 

Make a name for yourself that is defined by your work ethic. People will notice. Not everyone but the right people will see you.

Chase character rather than popularity. You might just find yourself getting a title without trying.

  • Banner is made from high-quality vinyl
  • 2ft x 3ft
  • Use "Command Brand" picture hanging strips for easy hanging 

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