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Sun Shine Gallon

Sale price$38.00

Cleaning glass just got easier.

Sun Shine is a highly concentrated glass cleaner that promises to leave your windows looking perfect. Having crystal clear windows on your vehicle not only completes its desired look, but also provides an advanced level of safety by enhancing the driver’s visibility.

With only a few sprays, Sun Shine will remove frustrating smudges, stubborn bugs, fingerprints and smoke film from all of your vehicles windows. Its streak-free formula will give you perfect results in just seconds, making ideal for all users.

Many glass cleaners contain chemicals like ammonia that can stain and destroy window tint. Sun Shine is 100% ammonia free. This ensures safe cleansing of tinted windows and display screens.

You will not find another window cleaner like this one. Its unique make up actually resists finger prints and smudges. In a sense, it not only cleans your windows but helps protect them as well.

Use Sun Shine on instrument panels, LCD screens, mirrors, vinyl windows, and chrome.

Pro Tip:

  • For best results use with our yellow glass cleaning towels
  • If your glass is stained with hard water spots, use our Glass Polish to remove any contaminants before treating with Sun Shine.
  • For best results on your vehicles windows, dilute Sun Shine 3:1 with distilled water. (1 part product - 3 parts water)


Sun Shine Gallon
Sun Shine Gallon Sale price$38.00