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Safely removes water spots.

Here are some facts on water spots. 

Water spots cause damage in 2 types of ways and you have to address them accordingly. The 2 ways are "water spotting" and "water etching." 

The first type of damage water spots cause is they leave behind white spots which are mineral deposits on the surface of the vehicle. This is build up of minerals in the water that dries on the surface and leaves the white spotting. Our Spot Rinse is designed to effectively remove the water spots. 


The white spots seen are the mineral deposits. This is what Spot Rinse removes. 


The second type of damage caused by water spots is etching in the clear coat OR ceramic coating. (YES, water spots can easily etch ceramic coating)

The etching is called "water etching". Water etching is actual damaged caused IN the surface of your clear coat or ceramic coating and has to be fixed using an abrasive compound.The clear coat or ceramic coating has to be taken down below the etching so the spot is no longer visible. 



The halo rings are the etching in the surface. 


Graph providing a visual of what we've explained above:


Spot Rinse is much safer than traditional methods of using a vinegar/water mixture to remove water spots.

Here are some tips for using Spot Rinse:

  • Spot Rinse works great on fiber-glass, gel coat, or painted surfaces.
  • Make sure surface is clean.
  • Spray Spot Rinse directly onto water spots.
  • Do not allow product to dry on the surface.
  • Any contact Spot Rinse makes with black trim - wipe off immediately. 
  • Use a microfiber towel to scrub the area you've applied the product.
  • Rinse area thoroughly to remove the product residue.
  • Apply second application of Spot Rinse if needed.






Customer Reviews

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Works like a dream just have to make sure you wash all of it off with a pressure washer or a clean mitt

jordan garcia
Excellent water spots remover!!!

Shine supply has the best products in the game, try out the water spots remover. It took out all the water spots I had in my windshield.

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