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Chrome & Polished Aluminum Wheels Maintenance Kit.

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Show off those wheels! 

Proper methods and products are the key to keeping chrome and polished aluminum wheels looking new. 

Let's not even talk about how much you spent on those wheels...all that matters is that you keep them looking new and protect your investment. There's nothing worse than seeing expensive wheels get messed up because the wrong products were used. We're gonna help make sure that never happens. This kit provides everything needed to properly clean your wheels AND tires. Using the wrong tire cleaner can also ruin your wheels because the over spray can come in contact with your wheel and cause etching on the aluminum. Here's a breakdown of what's in this kit and how to use it.

Kit includes:

How to use:

Cleaning the tires and wheels:

  1. Make a bucket of soap using 4 ounces of Shine Soap and 2 gallons of water.
  2. Spray down the tires and wheels with water to remove any loose grime.
  3. Spray down the entire surface of the tire using Solution multi purpose cleaner and scrub using the Tire cleaning brush and then rinse with water. 
  4. Using the Incrediflair and the bucket of Shine Soap thoroughly scrub the wheels then rinse with water. 
  5. Repeat the above steps for all 4 wheels and then dry off using a soft microfiber towel of choice. 

Polishing chrome wheels:

  1. Apply the Cloud9 metal polish to a blue applicator pad. Use light pressure rub into the surface. Let product dry and then remove with a Black edgeless microfiber towel. 

Polishing aluminum wheels:

  1. Apply the Cloud9 metal polish to a blue applicator pad. Use medium/firm pressure and rub into the surface. Let product dry and then remove with a Black edgeless microfiber towel. 

Dressing the tires:

  1. Mix up the Decked Out tire dressing using the Shine Supply bottle to your desired dilution. The dilution tabs are on the side of the bottle. 
  2. Spray Decked Out tire dressing on the Black Applicator pad and apply to the tire. Once you've gone around all 4 tires apply a second coat if you want to increase the gloss. 


  • For chrome wheels -  maintain with our Ride Shine detail spray to give the wheels maximum shine in between your polishing.  
  • For aluminum wheels - clean with Shine Soap only and don't use ANY detail sprays on the wheels. Detail sprays can make the aluminum look cloudy and takes away from your shine. For maintenance wipe downs in-between washing use our ECO SHINE waterless wash. This will not cloud the finish and leaves the wheels crips and clean.
Chrome & Polished Aluminum Wheels Maintenance Kit.
Chrome & Polished Aluminum Wheels Maintenance Kit. Sale price$106.25